Relum Telly LG 522

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Relum Telly LG 522

Postby IronCross187 » Sun May 05, 2013 8:07 pm

So I bought a Relum Telly air rifle today in absolute mint condition for around £45 from a car-boot sale, but I was wondering how much they sell for elsewhere? Anyone got any ideas?
It`s a Relum Telly LG 522 make no. 04725, made in Hungary with standard iron sights.
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Relum Telly LG 522

Postby jerryob03 » Mon May 06, 2013 6:57 am

The maker was contracted to supply this and an under lever model to many UK mail order companies in the early to late 70`s. No idea of the numbers other than they were substantial. It was a case of hard currency for an easten block country, so they represented good value but were a bit on the primitive side. I had one for years and loved it, right down to the twang and leather washer technology! Many, many still survive inlofts and cupboards and they come onto the market fairly regular. You paid a modest price for it - they seem to sell at between £35 and £90, depending on condition. Sounds like yours is at the upper end of the scale, but do remember that even an old meteor will out perform this in power and "feel" and hence the lower price.
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Relum Telly LG 522

Postby nightshift1000 » Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:12 pm

i`m not 100% sure on this but i think you`ll find the lg522 was known as either the relum taurus or zepher,i`ve had one on sale on here which is mint at 120,then 110 then 90 then 75quid,few emails but no real interest, i`ve been shooting it for about two hours this morning and decided i`m keeping it,its so sweet and accurate and i`ve refinished the stock so its lovely to look at too,so its everyone elses loss!lol, i`d keep it if i were you and start a mini collection!
all the best mate.
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