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£ 475
**RARE**Victorian Era Wilkinson Pall Mall (London) Brass & Iron Black Powder Gamekeeper\'s Alarm Mine Mounted For Display On Wood P None Cannons
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**RARE**Victorian Era Wilkinson Pall Mall (London) Brass & Iron Black Powder Gamekeeper\'s Alarm Mine Mounted For Display On Wood P None Cannons
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Cheshire, North WestPublished 10 Months ago
CategoryOther Guns
Sale typeTrade
Make**RARE**Victorian Era Wilkinson Pall Mall (London)
ModelBrass & Iron Black Powder Gamekeeper\'s Alarm Mine Mounted For Display On Wood P
Your reference18916
Gun StatusActivated
Recommended UsageCollection item

**RARE**Victorian Era Wilkinson Pall Mall (London) Brass & Iron Black Powder Gamekeeper's Alarm Mine Mounted For Display On Wood Plinth. Sn 18916 - 18916

This Victorian era Gamekeeper's alarm mine was used to warn Gamekeepers of the presence of Poachers on Estates or outbuildings. Several variants were available in the period. This is a rare mine with an unusual action. The mine measures 10 ½”x 3 ½”x 3”. It has a heavy external brass hammer marked on both sides by the famous English manufacturer ‘Wilkinson Pall Mall’. To arm the mine, the hammer is pulled back and a hinged plate locks the hammer back. The hammer is locked in place by an iron safety pin secured to the plate by an iron link chain. The pin passes through a hole in the plate and iron base of the device when the plate is positioned so a protrusion in one end of the plate prevents the hammer from moving forward. This allows the arm to be safely loaded for firing. We cannot find any contemporary book or internet reference regarding the operation of this type of mine but believe it would have been armed with a small black powder charge connected to a short piece of Bickford detonator fuse cord which would have a percussion cap on the tip (the charge may have consisted of a blank shotgun cartridge, percussion cap removed and attached to Bickford cord inserted into the base of the cartidge). The charge or adapted shotgun cartridge would sit on the hollow section on the front of the iron base. The fuse cord would pass over the ‘v’ notch plates & the percussion cap seated in the ‘pan’. The bar has 2 holes to allow trip wires to be tied to it. The wire would then be passed across a path or place where trespassers or poachers would likely be found entering or wandering on Property or Estates. When positioned the safety pin would be removed. When activated the trip wire would release the plate causing the hammer to fall and fire the percussion cap which in turn detonated the charge via the fuse cord. When fired the blast would warn gamekeeper's of the presence of poachers. The iron base has 4 screw holes for securing to a post or tree. The hammer action on our example is strong and the safety pin works as it should. At some point in its life the gun has been screw mounted to a varnished wood plinth with 4 brass ball feet. The plinth measures 12”x4”x1”. This piece would make a superb desk ornament conversation piece and is worthy of further research. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique black powder alarm mine no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 18916


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