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£ 1,900
1782 French Prize Yatagan Sword of the Battle of the Saints Swords
Antiques Storehouse
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£ 1,900

1782 French Prize Yatagan Sword of the Battle of the Saints Swords

Portsmouth, South East
ad ref. GS54101F1
Used£ 1,900
Trade1782 French Prize Yatagan Sword of the Battle of the Saints
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~ 1782 French Prize Yatagan Sword Of The Battle Of The Saints ~

The sword has a large ivory grip decorated on both sides with silver plates and silver ribbons.

One of the plates is engraved ‘French prize Taken in the Glorieux 12 April 1782’.

The guard of the sword is made of white metal.

It comes with its original black leather scabbard, fitted with a suspension ring.

A steel chain links the metal frame on the grips with the guard, this is a replacement.

~ Glorieux ~

The French ship Glorieux was a second rate 74 gun ship in the French Navy. Built by Clairin Deslauriers at Rochefort and launched on 10 August 1756, she was rebuilt in 1777.

On 30 August 1781, she was with the French fleet under Admiral de Grasse. According to French sources, the British sloop Loyalist and the frigate Guadeloupe were on picket duty in the Chesapeake when they encountered the French fleet. Guadeloupe escaped up the York River to York Town, where she would later be scuttled. The English court martial records report that Loyalist was returning to the British fleet off the Jersey coast when she encountered the main French fleet. The French frigate Aigrette, with the 74-gun Glorieux in sight, was able to overtake Loyalist. The French took her into service as Loyaliste in September, but then gave her to the Americans in November 1781.

The British captured Glorieux at the Battle of the Saintes on 10 April 1782 and commissioned her into the Royal Navy as HMS Glorieux or HMS Glorious the following day. She was rated as a third rate.

She sailed with the fleet for England on 25 July 1782 but was lost later that year in a hurricane storm off Newfoundland on 16–17 September, along with the other captured French prize ships Ville de Paris, Hector and Caton. Glorieux was lost with all hands, including her captain, Thomas Cadogan, son of Charles Cadogan, 3rd Baron Cadogan. This disaster to the fleet of Admiral Graves also saw the loss of HMS Ramillies, HMS Centaur, the storeships Dutton and British Queen, and other merchantmen from a convoy of 94 ships, with a total of over 3,500 men lost.

~ Battle of the Saintes ~

The Battle of the Saintes (known to the French as the Bataille de la Dominique) was an important naval battle that took place over 4 days, 9 April 1782 – 12 April 1782, the Anglo-French War, and was a victory of a British fleet under Admiral Sir George Rodney over a French fleet under the Comte de Grasse forcing the French and Spanish to abandon a planned invasion of Jamaica.

The battle is named after the Saintes (or Saints), a group of islands between Guadeloupe and Dominica in the West Indies. The French fleet defeated here by the Royal Navy was the same French fleet that had blockaded the British Army during the Siege of Yorktown. The French suffered heavy casualties and many were taken prisoner including the Comte de Grasse. Four French ships of the line were captured (including the flagship) as well as one destroyed. Rodney was credited with pioneering the tactic of "breaking the line" in the battle, though this is disputed.

~ Dimensions ~

The blade length is 32 inches (82.5 cm) and the overall length of the sword is 29 inches (73.5 cm).

The sword and scabbard length is 29 inches (73.5 cm).

It weighs 656 grams.

~ Condition ~

The sword is in fair condition for its age.

The blade developed some amount of rust and darkening.

The grips are a bit loose and the guard is crashed, as seen in the pictures.

The ivory grips remain undamaged.

~ Postage ~

UK postage is £25 or it can be collected from our shop in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.Read more
Price£ 1,900
Sale typeTrade
Make1782 French Prize Yatagan Sword of the Battle of the Saints

Antiques Storehouse
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