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United Kingdom
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£ 595
18th Century Flintlock Carbine Or Musketoon Muzzleloader None Rifles
Sally Antiques
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£ 595

18th Century Flintlock Carbine Or Musketoon Muzzleloader None Rifles

Portsmouth, South East
ad ref. GS711D22A
Used£ 595 ONO
Trade18th Century Flintlock Carbine
NoneOr Musketoon
Antique yesFlintlock
No LicencePQDOOX34LP22W
ActivatedCollection item

~ 18th Century Flintlock Carbine Or Musketoon ~

Here we have a very nice 18th century carbine or musketoon, from the style this is presumably a horsemans weapon but these were also used by navies, artillery soldiers and even for civilian purchase.

This example is very nice with some minor wear.

The stock is made from a European hardwood, most likely walnut, with a very nice aged finish. The barrel and lockplate are made from steel with some signs of age and the fittings are all brass.

There is only one incomplete marking on the piece, that is ‘&G’, an incomplete makers mark.

This firearm has a bore of .68 inches, very common for shorter barrelled weapons of the time.

~ Dimensions ~

The barrel is 21 inches (53 cm) long.

The item is 37 inches (94 cm) long.

The piece weighs 2.24Kg.

~ Condition ~

This piece is in good condition for its age.

The wood furniture is in good condition with a few minor scuffs to its finish.

The steel has aged with minor pitting to the barrel and lockplate.

The ramrod has a clasp but the ramrod slips through it.

The lock has a string spring but does not engage. The top plate of the lock has snapped off but comes with the pieces for repair.

~ Postage ~

UK postage is £25, international at cost and it can be viewed in our shop.Read more
Price£ 595 ONO
Sale typeTrade
Make18th Century Flintlock Carbine
Sally Antiques
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