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£ 136.30
19th Century Preußischer Kavallerie-Korbsäbel in Offiziersausführung
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£ 136.30
Current bi

19th Century Preußischer Kavallerie-Korbsäbel in Offiziersausführung

£ 136 Current biAuction Item
19th Century
On Auction : Massive, iron, openwork hilt. The wooden hilt encased with fish skin, still in good condition, but the silver wire winding has not survived the time. Overall, the hilt in beautiful patinated condition, the leather for the finger loop no longer present, but the anchor point for it is there (see photos). Iron sheath with two movable carrying rings, the scabbard completely patinated and in fine scarred state. The bare, slightly curved back blade with double-sided fuller. Towards the tip the blade with central ridge and double-edged. Furthermore, the blade has slashes, but in good patinated, smooth structure. The ornamental etchings on both sides of the blade are still beautifully visible, as well as on the back of the blade.A shapely, authentic and historical sabre.Not shipped outside the European Union.Read more
Price£ 136 Current bi
Sale typeAuction Item
Make19th Century
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