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A rare Pair of Scottish Highlanders Rams horn all steel belt pistols by MEYER & MORTIMER Ref 1509 Muzzleloader

£ 6,850
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Largest selection of genuine antique weapons for sale in UK. See our website Ref 1509. A rare pair of antique Scottish Ram's horn Highlander's all steel percussion belt pistols retailed by MEYER & MORTIMER, EDINBURGH. Lock plates engraved with the makers name and the barrels engraved on top EDINBURGH. Mortimer is well known to have been active in George Street, Edinburgh circa 1820-1855. In the 1830s Meyer joined forces with John Mortimer to establish a new company, Meyer & Mortimer, which advertised itself in Edinburgh as “Army contractors and tailors to His Majesty”. These are very rare Highland dress pistols that would have been supplied during that partnership. Round barrels engraved at the breech, approx 5 inches long, terminating in a shaped muzzle. Approx .55 calibre. Flat sided all steel grips terminating in the traditional rams-horn shaped butts. Showing hardly any signs of use or wear. Each pistol is complete with its original correct steel ramrod, spring steel belt hook, ball trigger and original steel pricker screwed into the butt. Good condition and working order. This is the type of pistol that would have been carried by a wealthy Scottish Highlander for personal protection and at special occasions wearing the full Highland dress, during the mid 19th century. Action in good working condition. King George 4th of England was painted wearing a similar pair of pistols when he visited the Royal Highland pageant in Edinburgh at the invitation of Sir Walter Scott in c.1822. A very scarce pair of authentic Scottish pistols in good untouched condition with all parts original. Ref 1509. This is an obsolete antique item and is sold as a collectors item only. No Licence is required in the United Kingdom. If you wish to purchase this item please visit our website where you can pay by credit/debit card or bank transfer at no extra charge. Established 1968.


Used - Good condition for age
£ 6,850
A rare Pair of Scottish Highlanders Rams horn all steel belt pistols by MEYER
& MORTIMER Ref 1509
No Licence - Antique/Obsolete Calibre - Section 58 (2) Firearms Act 1968
Collection item
Andrew Bottomley Antique Arms & Armour. Mail Order Only. Established in 1968.
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