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An authentic civil war era Colt Navy 1851 percussion revolver. Manufactured in 1862. Ref 1558. Muzzleloader

£ 1,700
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Largest selection of genuine antique weapons for sale in UK. See our website Ref 1558. An authentic civil war era Colt Navy 1851 percussion revolver. Manufactured in 1862. While the sixteen-year-old Colt was serving as a seaman aboard the brig Corvo around 1830-1831, he observed the ship's wheel and the relationship of the various spokes to the center hub. This inspired him to make a wooden model of a revolving pistol. Although others had already experimented with revolving firearms, Colt's design was the first to automatically rotate the cylinder when the gun was cocked. After his return to the United States, he showed his model to his father, Christopher and to Henry L. Ellsworth, a friend of the elder Colt who was then serving as Commissioner at the U. S. Patent Office in Washington. Both men encouraged Samuel to continue with his work and to seek a patent for his design. At this point in his life, Colt had an idea but no money with which to proceed on his new career path. For the next four years, he worked the traveling show circuit as "Dr. Coult of Calcutta." His lectures and demonstration of nitrous oxide to crowds in the U.S. and Canada provided a source of capital, which was forwarded to gunsmiths who produced working versions of his firearms designs. The rest is history as shortly afterwards the name Samuel Colt was to forever become synonymous with the word revolver. Engraved on the top of the 7.5 inch barrel the makers name "ADDRESS COL SAML COLT NEW YORK U.S. AMERICA". Matching serial numbers except the rammer and the wedge. Overall length approx 13 inches. In reasonably good condition showing signs of genuine wear and use. Cylinder scene worn, this piece almost certainly would have seen action during the U.S. Civil War (1861-1865) as it was manufactured just after the start of the war in 1862. Action is in very crisp working order.
Ref 1558.This is an obsolete antique pistol and is sold as a collectors item only. No Licence is required in the United Kingdom. If you wish to purchase this item please visit our website where you can pay by credit/debit card or bank transfer at no extra charge. Established 1968.


Used - Good condition for age
£ 1,700
An authentic civil war era Colt Navy 1851 percussion revolver.
Manufactured in 1862. Ref 1558.
No Licence - Antique/Obsolete Calibre - Section 58 (2) Firearms Act 1968
Collection item
Andrew Bottomley Antique Arms & Armour. Mail Order Only. Established in 1968.
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