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United Kingdom
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£ 525
Belgian made Velodog revolver 6 mm Revolver
Pembroke Fine Arms
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£ 525

Belgian made Velodog revolver 6 mm Revolver

Dyfed, Wales
ad ref. GS051DBA0
Pistol / Hand GunsRevolver
Used£ 525
TradeBelgian made
6 mmVelodog revolver
Circa 1895Antique yes
NoneNo Licence
Collection item

This is an interesting little pocket pistol manufactured in Belgium I circa 1895. The revolver is chambered in obsolete Velodog calibre and revolvers of this type were typically issued to Postmen and Government Officials for self-defence, literally to protect them from dogs who had a propensity to attack cyclists as cycling was a new phenomenon at this time!

Velodog revolvers chambered a larger centre fire cartridge than the 22 RF but it was significantly underpowered. In reality many of the cartridges were filled with salt as the repercussions of shooting “mans best friend” could not engender good civilian relations and they were used as a deterrent. The calibre is actually 5.75mm. They were also used for self defence as they were easily concealable and relatively safe to carry with an enclosed trigger.
This is a quality piece with most nickel plate extant and the drop-down trigger functions as it should and drops down when the hammer is raised. The revolver is mechanically perfect.
Manufactured and proofed in Belgium the Liege proof was renowned as being a considerably greater test for a weapon than their British contemporary test.
An interesting piece and seldom encountered.
This can be owned as a collectible object under Section 58(2) of the Firearms Act as amended subject to meeting VCR requirements.
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Price£ 525
Sale typeTrade
MakeBelgian made
Pembroke Fine Arms
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