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United Kingdom
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£ 825
British 19th Century Trade Blunderbuss .65 Muzzleloader
Lambert & Lambert Antiques
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£ 825

British 19th Century Trade Blunderbuss .65 Muzzleloader

London, Thames Valley
ad ref. GS1060621
Pistol / Hand GunsMuzzleloader
Used£ 825
Calibre .6519th Century Trade Blunderbuss
Antique yesFlintlock
No LicenceActivated
Collection item

An early 19th century trade gun, typical of thousands produced in Birmingham during the 18th and 19th centuries for export throughout the British Empire. The blunderbuss belonged to the "Company of Merchants Trading to Africa", later the The Royal African Company. This was established in the late 17th century, and supplied muskets and other guns in payment for slaves. The company used the elephant with castle mark to show ownership of its guns, and was heavily involved in the African slave trade.

This gun was most likely made between 1780 and 1821. The majority of these appear to have been quite cheaply made, but were patterned after the government's official patterns, though not of sufficient quality to pass inspection for government service.

The gun is in good condition with a light patina. The action is crisp and holds at both half cock and full cock, although it occasionally hangs at half cock when returning.

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Price£ 825
Sale typeTrade
Lambert & Lambert Antiques
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