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£ 3,800
Cased Flintlock Pistols, Powder Flask, Shot & Flints .58 Muzzleloader
Sally Antiques
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£ 3,800

Cased Flintlock Pistols, Powder Flask, Shot & Flints .58 Muzzleloader

ad ref. GS9169A7A
Portsmouth, South EastPublished 1 Year ago
Price£ 3,800
Sale typeTrade
MakeCased Flintlock Pistols, Powder Flask, Shot
Model& Flints
CertificateNo Licence
Your referenceMLCA00X3LD3TT2A
Gun StatusActivated
Recommended UsageCollection item

~ Cased Flintlock Pistols, Powder Flask, Shot & Flints ~

This is a pair of restored early 19th Century duelling pistols made most probably by the same manufacturer.

One of the lockplates reads half of a name “Kell… & Co.” and the other bears an etched flower.

Both pieces are quite similar but not identical, indicating that they were most probably made by the same company

The lock plates are slightly different, one being only stamped with the manufacturer’s name and the other being overall decorated with foliage.

The pans and frizzens are slightly different too.

The metalwork on the named one has been more affected by ageing than the other.

Both barrels are stamped with the same pair of early Victorian stamps.

The brasswork of the triggering guard and grip finial is identical on both pieces.

The set comes with a double storage powder flask, half for powder and half for led balls.

The box bears a monogram on the top.

Our guess is that the pistols were found separately later in the Victorian age and placed together in a suitable box.

Both pistols half cock, cock and dry fire.

~ Dimensions ~

The box measures 20 inches wide (51 cm), 10 inches deep (25.5 cm) and just under 4 and a half inches high (11 cm).

Each pistol weighs a few grams little over a kilogram, and the complete boxed set weighs 5.3 Kg

The barrels are 10 ¼ inches (26 cm) long.

~ Condition ~

One of the barrels is blocked with what seems to be a piece of lead and a plastic tube, but it can be unblocked with ease with the right tool.

The general condition of the bore on both pistols is good, with some amount of surface rust.

The wooden stocks of both pistols has taken some knocks over the years. There are cracked sections that suffered repairs over the years.

The pistol with the foliage decorated metalwork has some signs of woodworm, but we are very confident that this is an affliction that hasn’t threatened the piece with further damage for a long (long) time.

The metalwork remains in fair condition, with a bit more age to the named piece.

The powder flask is in excellent working and presentation condition, its pouring spout and filling aperture both open and close smoothly. The shot mould also opens and clamps firmly shut on its pivot.

The exterior of the box is in good shape considering the age, with the lid lifting and closing snugly without effort. Inside, the felt lining is worn and even a little thin in places, but still very presentable.

One of the compartment lids has a tendency to slip a little into the compartment, but this could be very easily and invisibly rectified. Alternatively, with a careful hand, it can be balanced in place for static presentation without any restoration.

~ Postage ~

UK postage is £15, international at cost and it can be viewed in our shop.

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