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£ 9,750
Colt 1855 Colt Revolving Saddle Carbine Rifle .56 Calibre Roots Side Hammer with Hist Muzzleloader Rifles
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£ 9,750

Colt 1855 Colt Revolving Saddle Carbine Rifle .56 Calibre Roots Side Hammer with Hist Muzzleloader Rifles

ad ref. GS922D87D
Cheshire, North WestPublished 2 Years ago
Price£ 9,750
Sale typeTrade
Model1855 Colt Revolving Saddle Carbine Rifle .56 Calibre Roots Side Hammer with Hist
Manufactured Year1856-1864
CertificateNo Licence
Your reference16318
Gun StatusActivated
Recommended UsageCollection item

EXTREMELY RARE & UNIQUE, 1856-1864, Colt 1855 Patent Root’s Side Hammer .56 Calibre 5 Shot Cap & Ball Revolving Saddle Carbine Rifle With Saddle Ring & Victorian London Proofs Prize Rifle In 1866 To ‘Lc.Cl. S Moneypenny 19th Middlesex Rifle Volunteers - 16318

The Colt revolving rifles were early repeating rifles produced by the Colt's Manufacturing Company from 1856 until 1864. The design was essentially similar to revolver type pistols, with a rotating cylinder that held five or six rounds in a variety of calibres from .36 to .64 inches. In 1855, with his Model 1855 patent, Colt introduced a spur-trigger revolver that featured a fully enclosed cylinder. These handguns were officially named Side hammer revolvers, but they also were known as "Root" revolvers after Elisha K. Root, who at that time was employed as Colt's factory superintendent and Chief Engineer. These ‘Root’ side hammers are found on Colt 1855 patent revolving rifles. A combination of Colt revolving pistols and revolving rifles were used on the Pony Express by the eight men who guarded the dangerous run between Independence, Missouri, and Santa Fe. When doubts were expressed about the ability of these eight men to deliver the letters on this run reliably, the Missouri government declared that "these eight men are ready in case of attack to discharge 136 shots without having to reload. We have no fears for the safety of the mail." All mail deliveries on this route were completed safely. The U.S. Government had purchased 765 Colt revolving carbines and rifles prior to the Civil War. Many of these were shipped to southern locations and ended up being used by the Confederacy. After the war began, the Union purchased many more rifles and carbines. Sources disagree over the exact number purchased, but approximately 4,400 to 4,800 were purchased in total over the length of the war. The weapon performed superbly in combat, seeing action with the 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry Union forces at Snodgrass Hill during the Battle of Chickamauga during the American Civil War.The volume of fire from this weapon proved to be so useful that the Confederate forces were convinced that they were attacking an entire division, not just a single regiment. This is an extremely rare, Colt 1855 Patent ‘Root’s Side Hammer .56 Calibre 5 Shot Cap & Ball Revolving Saddle Carbine Rifle. It is in excellent condition. It has a round steel barrel which is 21" long and the carbine size rifle is 39 ¾” overall length. The bore is clean with crisp rifling. It has a 5 shot revolving cylinder and the weapon’s single action firing mechanism functions perfectly. The frame is fitted with a steel saddle ring and it has the correct under lever captive ram rod which featured on the Colt pistols of the era. It has a brass blade fore sight and block ‘v’ notch rear sight graduated to 100 yards. The block has 2 folding ‘v’ notch leaf sights graduated to 300 and 600 yards. The cylinder & frame have Victorian London Black Powder proofs. The top of the frame is marked with Colt’s name and USA address and the cylinder is marked ‘Patented Sept 10th 1855 (55 is obscured by Victorian proof mark)’. The underside of the barrel is numbered ‘11784’. The original walnut stock is undamaged. It has a curved steel butt plate and brass trigger guard with extended tang with matching number ‘11784’. Uniquely, the stock is mounted with a silver presentation plate engraved ‘19th Middx R.V (British Army 19th Battalion Middlesex Rifle Volunteer Regiment) Presented By C** H.H. Williams Won By Lc.Cl. S Moneypenny). The price for superb piece of firearms history includes UK delivery. NB As an antique cap and ball firearm no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of collection or display. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16318
£9,750.00 ...Read full description

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