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ATN Europe at The British Shooting Show

This year we had the absolute pleasure of catching ATN Europe’s Business Development Manager, Peter Larson, for a few minutes so he could tell us all about their exciting new scopes.

Q: What are you excited about for the British Shooting Show 2024?

A: For ATN, being at the British Shooting Show in 2024 means that we get to meet our business-to-business customers, we get to meet our business-to-consumer customers , and we get to engage with the end consumer. This means that we can understand what our products mean to them, and what they're looking for in future products, and this helps us from a product innovation perspective. Seeing and meeting people, face to face, is very important to us, so this is the perfect opportunity.



Q: What are you excited to showcase this year?


A: This year, ATN Europe is very proud to highlight and present a selection of new products! One of these is this unit here; The Mars 5XD. This is the top range of our Mars 5 series of thermal rifle scopes and it comes in the 1280 sensor resolution, which gives exceptionally high rates of clarity, providing not only good quarry identification at distances but very safe and ethical shooting practices in terms of being able to identify your surroundings when taking shots in the dark. In addition to that, we have another thermal rfle scope we have launched this year, which is an incremental development to our existing Mars LTV compact thermal rifle scopes. It replaces our Mars LTV 160 sensor with a 256 sensor at, give or take, the same retail price, and we believe this is the perfect entry-level product for the pest control market, such as rats, rabbits, fox control.



Q: What has the feedback been like so far?


A: The feedback on these two products has been exceptionally good! The 1280 sensor obviously is the highest available in the market at the moment, so people are very impressed and surprised by the level of clarity. Our customers are also impressed that it is a product that can deliver safe shooting practices through clarity. The 256 sensor Mars LTV thermal rifle scope has been very well received in terms of its pricing strategy, sitting around £1,000 retail price, the clarity of it, and the ability for people to move from using day and night scopes to thermal technology without having to spend two, three, four thousand pounds and this provides an excellent platform for that.


Q: What else is there to look forward to in 2024?


A: For ATN Europe, 2024 is very exciting! We see it as a great development year in terms of product, portfolio, and evolution. We are launching two new classes of thermal monoculars. We are launching a clip on thermal for glass based rifle scopes, which can also accommodate an ocular extension, so you can use it as a monocular, and we are launching a new day and night vision of binocular, along with some other items which I'm not allowed to disclose at the stage, but it's a very very exciting year for ATN in product development.


It’s always great to hear from industry leaders such as ATN Europe. Being able to get all the inside info on their most recent products and a hint on what’s to come was a real treat. We look forward to watching their progress!