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British Public to be Given First Aid Training for Gunshot Wounds Whilst Terror Threat Remains Critical

We’re all aware of the horrors that rocked the nation last year in both London and Manchester. These attacks were responsible for the current ‘Severe Threat Level’ that we’ve had in place for some time. Many people tragically lost their lives and although we could never have accounted for such an event to take place, St.Johns Ambulance has suggested that people would’ve had a greater chance of survival if the public knew how to perform appropriate first aid.

Because of that, the SJA and the Counter-Terrorism Policing are introducing new training schemes for people across the country, which should help fewer fatalities to occur in serious incidents in the future.


The training that’ll take place is going to focus on gunshot wounds in particular, alongside stab wounds and explosion injuries. The National Counter Terrorism Security Office feels that this knowledge should be appropriate and necessary for people in all aspects of the community, in all areas of the country. If every adult in the United Kingdom has the knowledge or capabilities to suppress firearm and blade injuries, then we’re a substantial amount safer as a collective. Whilst the current ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ protocol is still primary advice from the police, performing first aid is the next step to take once you and the people around you are no longer at risk.


firearm ammunition


The main points that will be taught are going to be focused on detecting whether a person is breathing or not breathing, how to stop bleeding from different types of wounds, prioritising certain victims and applying the recovery position. Whilst more in-depth training will be provided to adults which will focus more on counter-terrorism, the basic first aid procedures for gunshot wounds etc. will also be taught to older children aged 11-16 in specialised school programmes.  


The first people to get access to the training will be companies who operate at so-called ‘soft spots’ for terrorists such as symbolic buildings and performance/sporting venues too. Other targeted areas will be sites that contain hazardous substances and generally built-up commercial or business areas. The final plans are in place to create these training schemes and once they’re finalised, authorities will start rolling them out for action early in 2019. If all goes to plan and the scheme is a success, the number of people available to make a difference during attacks will increase dramatically and we’ll be a whole lot safer as a nation.