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Several UK Counties Adopt New Gun Laws That Demand Proof of Your Medical Capabilities

Nottinghamshire has become the fourth county in England to adopt new laws suggested by police and GP’s across the nation, in an attempt to further increase the security on Britain’s gun control efforts. The fresh laws will look deeper into the medical history of each individual applicant by demanding proof from their doctor. These movements will continue to solidify the UK’s status as one of the world’s safest countries for gun ownership.


The plans come in with immediate effect and require every new applicant for a licence to display documentation from a recognised doctor that shows they are medically fit enough to possess a firearm. Not only does this mean an assessment of all historical health records, but a personal approval from the doctor themselves stating whether or not their patient is fit for ownership. This system allows a very individual process to be deployed in every case.

The best part about these changes is that authorities will be able to learn more about the gun owners in our country which makes it a much safer place to be for everyone. Better knowledge will be stored regarding a greater number of people, which combines for a far more efficient identification service all round.

In the past, applicants only had to list their medical history if there were any significant controversies on their records - otherwise, they could leave this section blank.




Obviously, the main aim of the adaptations here is to prevent any mentally unfit individuals from getting their hands on a firearm; something that we already do much better than most nations worldwide, but it’s something that can always be improved.

Possibly even better news is that this law will also be mandatory for licence renewals by the 3rd December, so anyone who perhaps managed to slip through the net in the past will now be assessed under the same procedure if their licence expires after the beginning of December.


Nottinghamshire is the fourth county to have approved these regulations and is following Kent, Lincolnshire and Merseyside who have already committed to these adapted plans. If there’s clear success and positive results start to emerge, we’ll expect many other UK counties to take the same path, allowing you to feel even safer in all areas of England and beyond.