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    £ 150
    Deactivated military collection for sale ww1 ww2 Deactivated to latest UK standards with certification etc .303 Rifles
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    ad ref. GS1133547
    £ 150

    Deactivated military collection for sale ww1 ww2 Deactivated to latest UK standards with certification etc .303 Rifles

    DeactivatedRiflesUsed£ 150 From

    FOR SALE in South west. Updated 19/04/2021 antique Deact, ww2 Ww1 rifle, pistols, mg, militaria, lowest priced and best condition in UK. All my items are better condition and hundreds below prices elsewhere in UK. That is why they sell so fast. last items. All items original unless stated. All items deactivated and inert and with British deactivation certificates. Include your telephone number when you contact me so I can call and discuss purchase, postage or collection options. Over 21 only.

    Deacts are all harmless non useable and have been legally Deactivated to UK Deact standard and have UK deactivation certificate from the UK proof house as stated. Sold as curio display items., call me for details.  

    Deact list latest

    Deactivated Luger dated 1917 by DWM excellent condition. Ex museum display. Correct ww1 magazine with wood base, infantry regiment markings, researched to frontline regiment which saw action in major battles. All moving parts, mostly matching numbers, UK Latest spec deactivated with Certificate. £1250, (similar selling £1500+ Without unit markings). Best priced and condition one for sale in UK.

    Deactivated rare massive Webley Government WG Army Model revolver in. 455 cal. Superb military black finish. EU UK spec. £695 (£1200+ elsewhere) weaker replaced mainspring hence price.

    Deact ww2 Japanese Nambu Type 94, 1944 dated, Stunning condition, all moving parts, mag removes. EU GB spec. £750, (£995+ elsewhere). With latest UK EU deactivation.

    Deactivated WW1 German Gewehr G88 rifle. Has regimental markings to 16 R Regiment, interesting as Hitler was in a 16 R Regiment. Made in Berlin. Has cleaning rod which is missing on others. Stunning condition, EU UK spec. £495 (£895 elsewhere)

    Deact ww2 Japanese Nambu Type 94, 1940 dated, Stunning condition, all moving parts, mag removes. UK spec. £995 UK spec deactivation. No EU sales

    Deact, Superb condition ww2 Russian PPSh-41 - 1945 dated- Bolt rear moves, trigger works, drum mag, mag can be removed, strips down. £650 moving cocking handle. (£750+ elsewhere online in poorer condition). Non EU sales.

    Deactivated British Webley Scott Service Revolver mk IV .38
    Mint blued condition, full moving parts, with UK deactivation certificate
    £495. elsewhere sells for £750+ in poorer, non EU sales.

    Deactivated WW1 British Webley 1916 dated MK6 in .455 cal. Can fit inert rounds. Trigger revolves chamber etc. ejects dummy rounds on snap open. Superb military black tough wear resistant finish.
    EU UK spec £875, (£1200 elsewhere ) best one in UK.

    Deactivated rare marker superb condition Mauser K98 (sold)

    Original ww2 German Army officer and ordinary ranks uniform Eagles, unissued. £30 each. Miniature medal ribbon ww2 Eagles £30 for the pair.
    Ww1 zeppelin relic from L48 shot down over UK, £35
    Ww1 Mauser Kar 98a rifle sling original £95
    G3 rifle leather sling £29
    Inert Ww1 German trench granaten werfer shell in fine condition £135
    Inert Ww1 German trench Granatenwerfer shell, good relic condition as above from somme £55
    Ww1 german trench club £35 exact replica
    Ww1 French helmet, missing liner hence £59
    Russian helmet believed late 1940s but same as ww2 issue. £50
    German helmet Army double decal original shell, has liner and chin strap. £250
    Luftwaffe ww2 fighter pilot helmet excellent £395
    Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Me 109 instrument panel, original part restored relic condition in repro panel, £150 if mint would be over £2000
    Thompson 20 rnd mag mint £20
    German 1942 wartime made flying gloves made in Germany in 1942 for export to Sweden, same as German ww2 issue but made in Germany in 1942 for Swedish government. £25
    (identical with German markings are £250)
    MGC japan replica model pistol Walther P38 slide £25
    WW1 German 77 mm shell reduction ring with dummy fuse top, £25
    Ww1 original inert deactivated relic Somme recovered stick grenades, Selection of more Ww1 inert deactivated german stick relic condition ones for £175 each, easy to repaint and restore see similar restored online at £300 -£500 each
    Ww1 Inert deactivated German shells. 77mm shrapnel
    Original Brown Bess flints from 200 year old sea wreak two for £20
    Flintlock pistol flints 4 various for £20
    Bar mag original £29
    SA80 sling £15
    Thompson 20 rnd magazine £20
    PPSH 41 stick magazine £65
    Thompson 1928A1 early vertical front grip repro £35
    Walther P38 grips excellent repro £39
    Luger grips plastic brown for replica £15
    Luger Ww1 original stripping tool from artillery Luger holster rust pitted £35
    GPMG cleaning kit £35
    Luger original artillery holster, somme found in very good relic condition ideal restoration, £95. in good condition expect to pay £600
    Luger repro stripping tool £20
    Luger original mag base plastic ww2 £20
    Luger original mag base Ww1 wood £20
    Luger/ Mauser cleaning tool repro £20
    Mg 34 and mg 42 AA spider sight £75 each museum quality repro
    Maxim 250 rnd original mg cloth belt original £135
    Hungarian ww2 stick grenade original £25
    Inert rare ammo collection, some rare ones, all shown in the picture for £69 only, I will not split, individually these would be over £150, drilled case and inert struck primer so inert useless and display only. Some wartime dated. Lot comprises. Browning 7.65.
    Denix western pistol inert rounds .45 ACP, Thompson Colt 1911 inert rounds. 45 Auto inert rounds, slightly longer case than above for revolvers. British 9mm sten, browning etc inert rounds. smith and Wesson revolver inert rounds. 30+ 5.56mm SA80/M16 inert rounds.
    revolver inert rounds, .303 with charger clip. Selection of Ww1 and ww2 rifle rounds, lebel, .303. 7.62 belt, large Soviet training shell and others.

    Collection or delivery arranged from Devon/Cornwall. Or can be posted tracked and signed at cost, UK mainland only. Sold to collectors and historical re-enactment members like myself, over 21 years old. All items inert or deactivated. All have UK deactivated certificates. Telephone me to discuss purchase. Postage £15 to £25 each, more on some items, weight depending, all items posted tracked and signed for, collect in person fine. What do you have to sell or swap, I pay the highest prices, as I am a collector like yourself, confidentiality assured. I only answer messages which provide your telephone number to discuss purchase....Read full description
    Price£ 150 From
    Sale typePrivate
    MakeDeactivated military collection for sale ww1 ww2
    ModelDeactivated to latest UK standards with certification etc
    CertificateNo Licence
    Gun StatusDeactivated
    Recommended UsageCollection item

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