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£ 475
Deactivated Schmidt Rubin M 1911 Straight Pull Rifle Bolt Action None Rifles
Sally Antiques
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£ 475

Deactivated Schmidt Rubin M 1911 Straight Pull Rifle Bolt Action None Rifles

ad ref. GS006E58F
Portsmouth, South EastPublished 1 Year ago
SubcategoryBolt Action
Price£ 475
Sale typeTrade
MakeDeactivated Schmidt Rubin M 1911 Straight Pull
MechanismBolt Action
Your referenceDBM#12CBE
Gun StatusDeactivated

~ Deactivated Schmidt Rubin M 1911 Straight Pull Rifle ~

The Schmidt–Rubin rifles were a series of Swiss Army service rifles in use between 1889 and 1958. They are distinguished by the straight-pull bolt action invented by Rudolf Schmidt and use Eduard Rubin's 7.5×55mm Schmidt–Rubin rifle cartridge.

- Step One ~ Model 1896/11 ~

The Schmidt–Rubin 1896/11 rifle or the Model 96/11 was Switzerland's effort to upgrade the 89/96 rifles it had on hand to use the more powerful cartridge adopted as the GP11.

The GP11 cartridge operated at a higher chamber pressure which the 89/96 action could easily handle. Because of this the model 89/96 rifles were modernized by changing the 3 groove rifled barrel to a new 4 groove type, adding a pistol grip to the stock, changing the magazine to the 6 round type used in the 1900 short rifle and changing the sights to a more modern type.

The changes streamlined the appearance of the rifles. Because more rifles were needed than were available, the model 1911 rifle was put into production with slight changes. Almost all of the 127,000-plus model 89/96 rifles were converted to the 96/11 specifications.

- Step Two ~ Model 1911 ~

An improvement over the original, 1889, version of the Schmidt–Rubin rifle, the Swiss M1911 placed the locking lugs in the middle of the bolt, rather than at the rear, strengthening the action and allowing a more powerful cartridge, the Gewehrpatrone 11 or GP 11 to be used.

It is distinguished from the 96/11 rifle by a curved buttplate and by a stock with an integral semi-pistol grip. It uses a graduated tangent sight which begins at 300 meters. The 1911 and 96/11 rifles are characterized by exceptional accuracy and were made with excellent craftsmanship. The fact that Switzerland remained neutral through both world wars ensured that they are in far better condition, on average, than the rifles of other European nations from that vintage.

~ Condition ~

The piece is in good deactivated condition and deactivated to the 2018 spec, so ready to go.

The bolt moves.

~ Postage ~

UK postage is £34 or it can be collected in person from our shop.

For international postage please contact us via the messaging service and we will post tracked at cost.

DBM#12CBE...Read full description

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