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German made MP43 Maschinenpistole 43 Straight Pull 7.92 mm Rifles

£ 4,600
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German MP-43/1 Sturmgewehr MP43 (Maschinenpistole 43) 7.92x33 Kurz - Straight Pull

We are bringing in a one-off order from Germany: three exceptionally manufactured and historically significant rifles, built in Germany, that trace the development of the world’s first modern assault rifle.

We are incredibly pleased to offer:

*The MKb 42(H) (Maschinenkarabiner 42(H)) was designed in 1940-41 by the legendary Hugo Schmeisser for the C. G. Haenel company.

*The MP43 (Maschinenpistole 43) combined Schmeisser’s MKb 42(H) design with a number of improvements from Walther’s less successful version of the Mkb 42(W) rifle.

*The StG44, or Sturmgewehr44, the ultimate development and without a doubt Schmeisser's most important design, leading almost directly to Kalashnikov’s AK47 and many other modern firearms.

These rifles are all specifically manufactured as UK section 1 straight-pull and are chambered in original 7.92x33 Kurz.

Each model is made from all new hand-crafted parts in Bavaria, Germany to the original specifications so they look and shoot just like the originals -but in straight pull!

These rifles are the closest you can get to owning an original example of these historic firearms and is definitely one for the collectors!

We will only be placing ONE order for these rifles so this may be your only chance to own a fantastic piece of history...

MKb 42(H): £5,000

MP43: £4,600

StG44: £4,400

Additional magazines (30 round): £200 (must be ordered with rifle)
7.92x33 Kurz brass £60 x 100

Check out: and for more information on the history of these rifles

To place your order call us, pay for your gun and then once they arrive in the UK we will contact you to collect your rifle. We are only going to import these rifles once due to looming Brexit and rising costs so now is your chance ! Closing date for orders Sept 1


Available accessories

- caliber 7,92 mmx33 (CIP: 7,92mm short)

- Weight (kg): 4.9

- Length (mm): 930

- barrel length (mm): 421

- Trains and twist direction and length (mm): 4, right, 240

- sight (m): 100 to 800

- Magazine guide: double row

- Locking: positive locking

- Fire mode: straight pull

- Deduction insurance

- butt stock made of wood, forearm and housing

from stamped sheet metal


Straight Pull
Brand New
£ 4,600
7.92 mm
MP43 Maschinenpistole 43
Firearm - Section 1
Right Handed
Valmont Firearms
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