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Inert WW2 German Small Anti-Tank Rifle Grenade
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Portsmouth, South EastPublished 2 Years ago
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MakeInert WW2 German Small Anti-Tank Rifle
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~ Inert WW2 German Small Anti-Tank Rifle Grenade ~

This is the so called ‘Anti-Tank Rifle Grenade (Gewehr Panzergranate) which could be fitted to most types of German rifles.

The grenade is unmarked.

~ Dimensions ~

The grenade length is 6.4 inches (16.2 cm) and it weighs 240 grams.

~ Condition ~

The grenade has extensive pitting, a dent and a couple of perforations to the nose.

~ Postage ~

UK postage is £12, international at cost and it can be viewed in our shop.

~ The GP Grenade ~

It is constructed in two parts, the head and the stem. The head is a seamless steel tube with the forward portion containing a hollow charge cone and the explosive filling, being closed at the forward end by a light ballistic cap.

The main filling of T.N.T. is poured around the cone and there is a cavity formed in the after part of the main filling in which the exploder of penthrite wax is inserted.

The stem is made of light alloy or aluminum and is screwed onto the head of the grenade. The stem is divided into two compartments, the lower containing the fuze, the upper the vane. In the septum is a small flash pellet held in place by a perforated screw plug. The gaine consists of a light alloy case into which is inserted a light alloy top hat containing the detonator, the space between being filled with penthrite wax. A pre-engraved driving bend is formed around the stem 6 mm. from the rear.

The fuze is in the after portion of the stem and consists of a striker over the top of which fits a retaining spring with four prongs bent downward into grooves in the striker body. Around the striker body is an arming collar which has two grooves cut on the inside. An arming spring is compressed between a lip on the arming collar and a second collar at the bottom of the striker body. Around the inside of the arming collar and resting on the striker body is a steel tape which acts as an additional safety device and prevents any possibility of the fuze being accidentally armed when screwing on the base plug.

The entire assembly is closed by a base plug which positions the fuze by a stem which fits into a recess in the rear of the striker body.

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