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Ingram Mac 10 Submachine Guns

£ 575
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Ingram MAC 10 Submachine Gun. Deactivated to EU spec. Complete with detachable folding stock and Proof House Certificate the barrel is threaded to accept Sionics silencer.
This classic compact SMG was made famous by such films as McQ Three Days of the Condor Who Dares Wins Die Another Day and most recently Guy Richies Layer Cake.
In addition they were popular with SBS COPP reconnaissance divers who substituted them for diving weights as they found them of far more use when landing on a hostile beach and The Air Service for CRW operations.

£ 575.00 postage and packing £8.00 paypal +4%

I have had a number of people ask if this MAC 10 is strip-able or has moving parts and so I feel a little clarification on the law might help.

Pre -1995 Deactivated firearms could be fully stripped, post 1995 could not but it was still lawful to sell the strip-able pre -1995 deacts. As no more could be made they rose in value and were over three times the price of the prevailing specification.

From 2 May 2017, the new legal provisions on firearms in the Police and Crime Act 2017, prohibit the sale, loan or transfer of any firearm that has not been deactivated to the current Home Office Technical standard. NOTE CURRENT standard.

IE The law was changed and if you now sell a pre 95 deact it is an offence as the weapon is now classed as being "defectively deactivated".

The tariff for the offence in England is up to six months imprisonment, or a fine, or both, until section 154(1) of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 comes into force, when it increases to 12 months. In Scotland it’s 12 months from the start.

If you own a pre 95 deact that is still legal but you can not sell it gift it or pass it on through inheritance until it is brought up to the new standard and a new EU/UK Proof House certificate issued.

Consequently the Mac 10 in the advert has the UK/EU proof house certificate which confirms that they are not strip-able and are therefore legal to sell.

You should have no difficulty confirming this online. for example

However if you particularly want a strip-able version it is legally possible.

A small number of Mac 10s were manufactured by the factory to the pre 1995 spec, These were used for trade shows they are indistinguishable from the deactivated version as they are made from the same parts but as they have never been firearms they are legally defined by the Home Office as realistic imitation firearms and therefore can be sold under the VCR 2006 rules they are more expensive at £950.00 but they are available and they are legal.

But you would have to be VCR compliant if you are not currently It is not difficult and I could assist you if you are not already. The additional cost is £39.50 for the insurance.


Submachine Guns
Used - Good condition
£ 575
Mac 10
Blowback, open bolt
Collection item