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£ 4,950
Towe TIPU SULTAN COLLECTION CONNECTIONS**MASSIVE, Late 1700’s English Enfield Tower A Muzzleloader Rifles
JC Militaria Ltd
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£ 4,950

Towe TIPU SULTAN COLLECTION CONNECTIONS**MASSIVE, Late 1700’s English Enfield Tower A Muzzleloader Rifles

ad ref. GS92612C4
Cheshire, North WestPublished 3 Years ago
Price£ 4,950
Sale typeTrade
Manufactured YearLate 1700’s
CertificateNo Licence
Barrel length30 inches
Overall length46 inches
Your reference16415:8
Gun StatusActivated
Recommended UsageCollection item

TIPU SULTAN COLLECTION CONNECTIONS**MASSIVE, Late 1700’s English Enfield Tower A* Bore Musketoon With Blunderbuss Type Cannon Barrel Captured By The Sultan’s Army For Use In War Against The British East India Company (EIC) With Ornate Decoration - 16415:8

Tipu, the “Tiger of Mysore” was the last king of Mysore. He was the East India Company’s most tenacious enemy, inflicting numerous defeats on the British, partly through his development of military rockets, before his death at Seringapatam in 1799 when he was defeated by the British Army, led by Major General David Baird. Tipu once said: “I would rather live one day as a tiger than a lifetime as a sheep”. When the British under Baird’s leadership finally captured Tipu’s capital city, the conquerors were astonished at the jewels, arms and art objects that Tipu had collected. Baird, son of an Edinburgh merchant family, later declared Tipu dead, from a gunshot to the head and three bayonet wounds. After his death many items of Tipu Sultan’s, arms, armour & jewellery were captured and ended up in private collections of British Officer’s who took part in Tipu’s final battle. The musketoon is a shorter-barrelled version of the musket and served in the roles of a shotgun or carbine. Musketoons could be of the same calibre as the issue musket or of a much larger calibre. The musketoon is most commonly associated with Naval use, and pirates in particular. Musketoon barrels were often flared at the muzzle, resembling a cannon or blunderbuss. Musketoons had a brass or iron barrel, and used a wheellock, flintlock or caplock firing mechanism, like the typical musket of the period. Large bore musketoons were loaded with multiple buckshot or pistol balls (generally smaller in diameter than musket balls) and used as shotguns. It is this type of loading that is most associated with Naval use. This an excellent original, massive Enfield Tower musketoon made sometime in the late 1700’s for British Military use. The weapon is adorned with period applied Indian form inlaid gold geometric and foliate designs to the barrel. The wood is also period carved with a foliate design featuring red coloured flowers on stems with leaves. This design matches that found on an embroidered arrow quiver which was part of ‘the Tipu Sultan collection’ sold at 'Bonhams Islamic and Indian Art Sale' held on 21st April 2015. This carving indicates capture by Tipu Sultan’s forces for use against the EIC. The musketoon is 46" overall with a flared mouth 30” steel cannon barrel which is 5cm diameter at the muzzle (A* Bore). The smooth bore has staining & residue consistent with age. The lock is marked with Georgian crown ‘GR’ (George Rex), together with Board of ordnance inspection marks. It has a Swan neck hammer fitted with flint, original Walnut full stock and regulation brass mounts. It has its original steel ram rod. Its cocking and firing action works perfectly. The price for this massive musketoon with ‘Tipu Sultan’ connections includes UK delivery. NB As an antique flintlock weapon no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a private collection or display. Sn 16415:8
£4,950.00 ...Read full description

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