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Air Pistols
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£ 230
Umarex M92FA Polished Chrome .177 (Pellet) Air Pistols
Crawley Surplus Store
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£ 230

Umarex M92FA Polished Chrome .177 (Pellet) Air Pistols

ad ref. GS049D183
Air GunsAir Pistols
Condition New£ 230
Mechanism Co2.177 (Pellet)
M92FA Polished Chrome

The M92 FS is in daily use throughout the world. Military, police and special units rely on this classic Italian pistol. With its realistic plain black or nickel-plated frame or with elegant wooden grip plates, this CO2-powered replica is just as cool as the original and has a solid, heavy feel. And for those who go for a more striking appearance, the polished chrome variant is a real eyecatcher. The rugged surface also provides good protection against scratches. But whatever you prefer in the way of appearance, the heavy M92 FS is a pleasure to hold in your hand. You'll also be happy to discover it's perfect for accurate shooting in both double-action and single-action mode. You can get roughly 50-60 shots from one Co2 cartridge (The last few shots wont be as powerful). Please note pointed pellets will not work properly in this pistol as they will jam the rotation of the magazine.

Don't forget to order your Co2 capsules and Flat/Round head pellets with this product.

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CategoryAir Guns
SubcategoryAir Pistols
Price£ 230
Sale typeTrade
Crawley Surplus Store
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