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£ 292.99
Umarex MP 40 German (Used Look) Air Rifles

Umarex MP 40 German (Used Look) Air Rifles

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West Midlands, West MidlandsUpdated 5 years ago
CategoryAir Guns
SubcategoryAir Rifles
Sale typeTrade
Manufactured Year2017
ModelMP 40 German (Used Look)
Your referenceused edition


This is a superb model from Umarex.

Lets look at the History of the MP 40 -kettle on!

Calibre 9mm

Cartridge 9mm x 19mm Parabellum

Muzzle Velocity 380 m/s

Firing rate 400 round / min

Weight with full magazine 3.61 kilograms

Magazine capacity 32 rounds (later 6

Operational range 200mtres

This weapon, often incorrectly called the `Schmeisser` MP`originated in 1938 at the request of the German Tank Corps, which as a result of it`s experiences in the Spanish Civil War, was looking for a close combat weapon. Even in later models, the origin of the MP 38 as a weapon for tank crews was still clear in the form of the `nose` under the barrel,which was designed to hook into firing slits, and the downward pointing box magazine. For infantryman who had to shoot lying down, this type of magazine was a real hindrance.The designer of the weapon was not, as often assumed, Hugo Schmeisser, but Henrich Vollmer, who was working at the ERMA (ERfurter MAshinenfabrik) weapons factory.In the MP 38 the wooden stock that was usual up to that time was dispensed with and the pistol was completely made out of metal and plastic.. Also the shoulder stock was foldable for the first time to allow better handling in a small space - another indication of it`s original as a weapon for the Tank Corps. The MP 38 was rated as an exellent, forward looking design that was easy to operate with good accuracy and stability. However, if not well maintained

( kept clear of debris & exessive powder residue fouling) it tended to jam during loading and the safety record of the pistol gave rise to critisism because of it`s ability to cause accidents time and time again. Since the metal parts of the MP 38 were machined from billet and this being labour intensive, the manufacturing costs were extremely high.From 1940 onwards a version therefore appeared that was manufactured using sheet metal pressing technology : the MP 40.(The Sheppard / Turpin designed, and Enfield built British `Sten`similarly chambered the 9 x 19mm Parabellum cartridge, was made from spot welded steel pressings from the outset allowing a quick and cheap build using largely unskilled labour.) The model 40 was also meant toremove the weak points of the MP 38 but in this it was not altogether successful..nevertheless, the MP 38& mp 40 were popular with troops since they had significantly higher firepower than the Mauser 98 K standard issue carbine.The British Government never liked the idea of the ordinary `sqadie`wasting & spraying hard to come by expensive ammunition all over the place, so on the whole, the `Sten` was issued to Transport,Tank Corps, motorcycle couriers, Special ops and Resistance groups.

To provide a further increase in firepower, the model MP 40/1 was developed with the magazine that was twice the size - ie: with 64 rounds, but this design proved not to be effective. The MP 38/40 was never available in sufficiant numbers .. the paratrooper units were mainly equiped with the Mauser 98 K carbine. By the end of WW2 around 1 million MP 38/40`s had been produced

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