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United Kingdom
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£ 700
WW1 Remington Arms British P14 .303 Rifles
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£ 700

WW1 Remington Arms British P14 .303 Rifles

South Wales, Wales
ad ref. GS050DB48
Used£ 700
PrivateWW1 Remington Arms
.303British P14
Antique yesDeactivated
No LicenceAmbidextrous
DeactivatedCollection item

Deactivated P14, Manufactured by Remington Arms who made these rifles under contract for the British Government During WW1, they were also issued to the Home Guard in WW2. This rifle is marked DP, so it has been converted over to a DP rifle when it was too worn out to be refurbished, so, it would have been kept in military service and used as a drill purpose rifle.

Has matching serial numbers on the receiver, bolt and the barrel, so the rifle is all original and has always been together.
The wood furniture is in very good but it does show some wear to the wood from service use and age. Has some interesting British Military Markings visible on the butt. The metalwork is in excellent condition and still retains most of its original finish other than some minor wear in places,
This example used to have volley sights fitted but they have been removed at some point, probably when it was converted over to a DP, but you can still clearly see where the sights used to be fitted to the side of the stock.

Overall a very nice rifle that has been used in both world wars and probably has a lot of history behind it !

The rifle is currently the older spec deactivation, so due to the current UK law these can only be sold outside the EU as It is or it can be re-deactivated to the current spec. there will be a bit of a wait for this as the proof house is very busy at this moment in time !Read more
Price£ 700
Sale typePrivate
MakeWW1 Remington Arms

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