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British Shooting Show 2017
British Shooting Show 2017
A Review of The British Shooting Show 2017
Last weekend the Gunstar team packed up shop and headed over to The British Shooting Show at Stoneleigh Park, the biggest shooting and gun show in Europe! The four day event saw thousands of visitors and we were shocked by such a big turnout and warm welcome by shooting enthusiasts from right across the globe! The show presented the perfect opportunity for us to spend some time with our users and develop our relationships with customers old and new. The 5 halls of Stonleigh Park were packed with the best manufacturers in the industry, distributors and retailers including Schmidt & Bender,
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Firearms UK Response to European Commission’s “Strengthens control of firearms across the EU
Firearms UK Response to European Commission’s “Strengthens control of firearms across the EU
The revision of the European Union Firearms Directive 1991 which was already underway, the EU having stated its intention last year, has been brought forward, even rushed forward in response to the ongoing terrorism threat in France. The proposals put forward whilst stating that they are to curtail the activities of terrorism and illegality are most likely to have limited effectgiven the simple fact that at pan European or national level terrorism and criminality and those who pursue it have already considered their stance and ignoring the law is a minor consideration, which reduces any law to a loose deterrent
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