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United Kingdom
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£ 91.49
Marttiini Reindeer Explorer Big Game Hunting Knife 542014 Knives
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£ 91.49

Marttiini Reindeer Explorer Big Game Hunting Knife 542014 Knives

London, Thames Valley
ad ref. GS048CB12
£ 91Trade
Marttiini Reindeer Explorer Big Game Hunting Knife
Reindeer Explorer Beautiful and practical. The handle of the Reindeer Explorer is of Finnish curly birch finished with a reindeer horn cap. The combination of the specially crafted handle and the traditional Lynx blade with the blood groove produces a knife with many excellent practical features for the owner.   Additional product information Length of blade 11 cm Total length 23 cm Blade material Stainless Steel Handle material Curly Birch & Reindeer Horn Sheath material Leather Stainless chromium steel The stainless steel used by Marttiini is easy to maintain as a blade material. A stainless steel blade remains sharp for long. Chromium makes up 13% of the steel mixture and the hardness of the mixture is 53-54 Rockwell units (HRC). A diamond sharpener is recommended for sharpening chromium steel. Curly birch The traditional material used for Finnish knife handles is curly birch. The material comes from the curly birch belt in Central Finland. The blaze-patterned curly birch is an excellent fit as a material for a knife handle, because it's durable and fair. This beautifully patterned curly birch is available on the market in limited amounts, which makes the price notably higher than regular birch. Leather sheath The leather sheaths of Marttiini knives are made with either vegetable or chrome tanned oxhide. The leather hides are purchased from both Europe and South America. The sheaths are made with both dyed and natural colored leather. The knife sheaths are still made mostly by hand. Each sheath has to be exactly the right size and shape, so it forms a fitting pair with the knife. A section of the leather is cut with a model iron, and the seams are attached with glue before sewing. Most sheaths have a plastic piece inside that supports the sheath and protects the blade. The printing on the sheath is made on either the cut section or the finished sheath. Rivets, and in some cases a bronze collar, strengthen and adorn the sheath.Read more
Price£ 91
Sale typeTrade
MakeMarttiini Reindeer Explorer Big Game Hunting Knife
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