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Vintage BSA Air Rifles
There is a confusing variety of vintage BSA springers from before the War and to the novice, they may all look the same. Great fun to use and to collect, there are many differences between the various models released over a long period up until the 2nd World War.   The style was designed by Birmingham gunsmith George Lincoln Jeffries in the early 1900s. His idea was for a fixed barrel, underlever cocking air rifle that was loaded by a drum or plug rotated shut by a separate side lever, known as tap loading.   Jeffries entered into an agreement with nearby Birmingham Small
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Tweedl - Win incredible shooting prizes every week!
Tweedl – Live the Experience The online platform where you can WIN amazing prizes and experiences at the very best shooting, stalking & fishing estates in the UK and beyond. As well as this, a whole host of exciting prizes including equipment, guns, clothing and much more. There are new competitions uploaded every week, so there’s always an experience suited to anyone and everyone! All of our competitions have a limited number of tickets available to ensure the chances of winning are good. Ticket prices start at £10 each and all you have to do to enter is answer a trivia question
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Back from the Brink: The Gunstar Renovation Challenge, S2 Ep.3
[Music]   Part three - the penultimate episode. So last week we tackled the barrel, action, and this week we're gonna be tackling the wood. The love-hate relationship with this gun is definitely swinging in the balance towards hate - I'm not entirely sure whether this week's gonna change any of that. Anyway, enough talking, to the bench!    [Music]   So before we start on the wood I'm actually putting some of the metal bits back in place so that we do sort of finish them together or else you end up with that really awful wood to metal fit, but to be honest you’d completely
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Daystate Huntsman - The Revere
I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a friend's Daystate Huntsman Revere a short while back and managed to spend some time testing and evaluating the rifle. The Daystate Huntsman Revere is one of Daystate’s newer offerings, yet manages to retain the company lineage of the past 40 years. But is the Revere to be held in the high regard its name suggests?     Holding the rifle, I noticed it handles and feels exactly the same as its predecessor the Huntsman Regal, however, the operation is notably different. The rear bolt action block has been replaced with a side lever
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