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Most Important Tips for Starting Out at the Range
Firing a gun creates a mental and emotional rush. However, first time experiences can trigger fight-or-flight responses as the body responds to the feeling of danger. The best way to begin is at a shooting range. Learn to shoot in a safe and controlled environment. While it may seem intimidating, as you become more comfortable, you’ll enjoy the rush of serotonin and the positive physical responses. Overcome your fear and enjoy the benefits of shooting with these tips for shooting out at the range.    Get Mentally Prepared Athletes understand that to get proficient in any physical skill, you also need the right
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How does Coronavirus impact the UK’s shooting disciplines?
The entire nation has been rocked by the Covid-19 outbreak and the most recent restrictions put in place by the government have affected all areas of the country, shooting sports are no exception. In fact, the field sports community will see quite a drastic change to life due to the togetherness and seasonality of so many shooting activities. The Spring transition period is an important time for shooting, with so many events taking place. Unfortunately, nearly all of these will have to be cancelled or postponed. Here’s an idea of the closures we’ll expect to see in the next couple of
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Back from the Brink: The Gunstar Renovation Challenge, S2 Ep.3
[Music]   Part three - the penultimate episode. So last week we tackled the barrel, action, and this week we're gonna be tackling the wood. The love-hate relationship with this gun is definitely swinging in the balance towards hate - I'm not entirely sure whether this week's gonna change any of that. Anyway, enough talking, to the bench!    [Music]   So before we start on the wood I'm actually putting some of the metal bits back in place so that we do sort of finish them together or else you end up with that really awful wood to metal fit, but to be honest you’d completely
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Product Review: XEye E3 Max
I've now had this E3 Max for around 8 months. It was my first thermal spotter and it's been a real game-changer. It has changed my shooting experience immensely, so much so that I now don't go shooting without it.  The XEye range comprises of a number of handheld thermal spotters and rifle scopes. Prices range from £900-£3800. The E3 Max is mid-range and comes with a lot more functions than the E3 N and E3 N+. The max has a vox 17-pixel sensor, a detection resolution of 384x288 and a 35mm lens. The sole UK distributor is Optical Solutions UK.  I’ll
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