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Airgun Review: Sig Sauer MCX & MPX
Airgun Review: Sig Sauer MCX & MPX
BACKYARD PLINKING WITH THE SIG SAUER MCX & MPX   The weather has been appalling for the past few weeks, and my trigger finger has been twitching for some exercise. I also needed a distraction to get the kids away from their phones and games consoles. Fortunately, I’ve been able to get my hands on a set of Sig Sauer CO2 powered air rifles and during the short dry spells I’ve charged the CO2 powered airguns and ventured out into the rear garden for some tin can plinking with the kids.   First up is the SIG SAUER MCX - the biggest and most
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The ‘suicide’ revolver of Vincent Van Gogh has sold for an incredible price.
The ‘suicide’ revolver of Vincent Van Gogh has sold for an incredible price.
Vincent Van Gogh is arguably one of the most renowned artists and painters in entire world history. The Dutch creative lived a very depressive and unsuccessful life, to the point where he killed himself at the age of just 37 in the Summer of 1890. He carried out his suicide using a 19th-century Lefaucheux revolver. The revolver that Van Gogh supposedly used to take his own life has sold at an auction for well over one hundred thousand pounds.   The small service pocket revolver was very low in power and would have used a 12mm pinfire cartridge at most. Because
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