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The World of Air by Jonathan Young
Horses for courses - some people only buy new with a warranty, then trade in their airgun for another new toy 12 months later. Some crazy people like buying an airgun that on a good day can only be described as scrap, and then spend almost as long restoring the thing. In the mucky world of airgun restoration a mig welder is sometimes needed! Unless you really want to get into mechanical engineering, somewhere in between is a better place to be.   A well used and looked after airgun will be 'run in' and may well be better to use than when
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AirMADgeddon - A brand new Nationwide shooting competition for the people.
As the record breaking wet and windy abysmal summer weather drives us off our land and permissions, my son and I look for something else to do, something shooting related, and an activity that will keep us dry yet allow us to enjoy the outdoors comfortably.   We’ve been regular attendees at our local sheltered outdoor shooting club, MADAIR, in Pilling for a couple of months now and whilst there we found shooting the same old spinners time and time again quite tedious; we enjoy the opportunity all the same. When we think ‘club’ however, we also think of something else, something
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Back from the Brink: The Gunstar Renovation Challenge, Season 2
(Eerie music) (Jonny sits in a dark corner of The Gun Shop, having flashbacks)    “70 quid, that’s gotta be worth a call”  “They say it’s in poor condition, how poor a condition can it be in...?”    “So I’ve allotted an hour to take this action apart and I’ve just wasted 15 minutes on two goddamn screws!”    “This was a mistake.”    “The sear spring is snapped, this belongs in a scrap bin.”  “Buy Spanish! You're actually not going to get something that’s completely and utterly rotten all to hell.”   (Sasha walks up from the back ground to see Jonny)   “Jonny mate, is time.”   “Come on mate It’s been ages they- not after
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