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Product Review: The Weihrauch HW98
Product Review: The Weihrauch HW98
As a child, I’d heard of an aeroplane that could travel at a top speed of 2179 km/h, and the manufacturers claimed it to be 8 times faster than a bullet leaving a rifle. Unfortunately, the Concorde was decommissioned before I was old enough to spend my life savings on a ticket to experience these claims for myself. It was during this same period of time when I first witnessed an Audi advertisement on the television, and the narrator boasted “The Audi Quattro accelerates faster than Concorde”; I was intrigued yet too young to drive, and thought one day I’ll
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Plans to ban high-powered .50-Cal weapons have been reversed by the home secretary.
Plans to ban high-powered .50-Cal weapons have been reversed by the home secretary.
For more than a year, plans have been in place to completely ban the use and possession of military-appropriate .50-Cal rifles, after concerns of the risks they could pose to the UK. But right at the crucial moment home secretary Sajid Javid has pulled the plug on the plans - deciding to revert back to the way things were.   The new proposals were created and supported by MP’s and the NCA (National Crime Agency) who were concerned about these firearms ending up in the wrong hands - closely related to the terror threat that has loomed above the nation for some
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