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The Top Rifles this month - February 2020
Lee Enfield No.4     Manufacturer: Lee Enfield Model: No.4 Type: Bolt Action Calibre: .303 & .308 Average Price on Gunstar: £600   Find Yourself a Lee Enfield No.4 Here   This one’s a real classic, as we’re sure you’re all aware! The fact that this rifle is 125 years old and still being regularly sought after is quite incredible - it has to be one of the most influential firearms in history. Perhaps a hint of patriotism comes into play here, with the No.4 being the flagship rifle of the British Army during World War One.  Most of the variants you’ll see on Gunstar are form the 40s and 50s, but
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WIN | Custom Fit Switch Guards
This is your chance to win a pair of Custom Fit Switch passive ear guards. These unique designs allows the users to switch easily between different levels of ambient sound, whilst also offer excellent clarity and impulse protection. A recessed passive impulse filter will protect the user from sudden high levels of sounds whilst maintaining incredible clarity in awareness before the impulse reactivity. This allows you to stay aware yet protected when needed.  Ambience levels can be altered by sliding the switch which allows you to reduce or increase the low level noises.  These guards are molded to the users ears using ear
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Back from the Brink: The Gunstar Renovation Challenge, S2 Ep.3
[Music]   Part three - the penultimate episode. So last week we tackled the barrel, action, and this week we're gonna be tackling the wood. The love-hate relationship with this gun is definitely swinging in the balance towards hate - I'm not entirely sure whether this week's gonna change any of that. Anyway, enough talking, to the bench!    [Music]   So before we start on the wood I'm actually putting some of the metal bits back in place so that we do sort of finish them together or else you end up with that really awful wood to metal fit, but to be honest you’d completely
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The Anics A-9000S
Back in the good old days, we were allowed to play with handguns. For a clubs’ membership probation period, an air pistol was needed. The only affordable one was a long Daisy Powerline 717. It seemed huge, heavy and after a session felt like lead. After the mandatory 3 months were up it was quickly retired and on graduation to full membership and real guns, one favourite club pistol was picked as often as possible - a .22 LR Ruger MKII. Rugers are solid little guns - so all that weight training was actually helpful. You didn't mind back then
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