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Airgun Review: BSA Scorpion SE
Airgun Review: BSA Scorpion SE
BSA redefined hunting air rifles with the launch of the BSA Scorpion SE in 2011, by improving on an already popular Scorpion air rifle. I purchased my BSA Scorpion in 2012, unfortunately for me and the rifle it only ever got used once for some back-yard plinking. The Scorpion SE was just too nice of an airgun to take out of the gun safe, or even out of the house. Its sleek action yet curvaceous stock design meant I treated the airgun more like an ornament than a hunting tool and due to very little use I quickly traded it
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Protest march in place for challengers of bird shooting bans
Protest march in place for challengers of bird shooting bans
After being slapped with a set of potentially life-changing licence revokes/shooting bans last week, landowners, farmers and the rest of the shooting population will finally get the chance to push their own side of the ongoing battle between rural habitants and Natural England. A protest march has been proposed and scheduled for central London, where people in favour of retaining their rights to pest population control can rally up at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park and march through the city towards parliament on the 29th June 2019. To quickly get you up to date with how things started and what
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