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Cleaning Shooting Optics
What is the best way to look after your scope and other shooting optics? Jonathan Young peers through the lens on the subject of cleaning.   Optics of any description are a dirt magnet and mucky fingerprints don't even come close to being the worst of the crud that ends up sitting on your scope's lenses. Taking a walk or going shooting near the coast on a breezy day and your sunglasses, eyeglasses and scope may show a misty clouding of salt spray drifting inland on the wind. Shooting anywhere dusty such as in farmyard barns at harvest time when clearing rats
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Brand New Airguns in 2021
You may be more than happy with the trusty old airgun you’ve got sitting at home, reliable as ever. But airgun technology is progressing at a very impressive rate - maybe it’s time to buy a brand new one? There have been some very special models released so far this year and many more are on the way - we’ve got 5 of the best airguns released in 2021 for you right here...   Daystate Red Wolf Heritage     Available Calibres: .177, .22, .25, .30 Weight: 3.5kg Orientation: Ambidextrous Stock Power: Up to 50 ft/lbs (40 shots in .25) Price: £2,749.99   You would be very lucky to get your
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Product Review - ZEISS Conquest V4 Scope
We're bringing you this review today in conjunction with Alpha Militaria and ZEISS, two exceptionally renowned and knowledgeable companies within the shooting industry.   Today we're looking at two scopes from the ‘ZEISS Conquest V4’ range - we've got a 4-16x50 and a 6-24x50. Now, many lifelong airgunners have always taken the view that you don’t really need a fancy scope, because you never really put that much of a demand on the scope; most shots are 20 to 40 metres and for that you only really need a scope that's going to enable you to be accurate over those kinds of
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Daystate Huntsman - The Revere
I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a friend's Daystate Huntsman Revere a short while back and managed to spend some time testing and evaluating the rifle. The Daystate Huntsman Revere is one of Daystate’s newer offerings, yet manages to retain the company lineage of the past 40 years. But is the Revere to be held in the high regard its name suggests?     Holding the rifle, I noticed it handles and feels exactly the same as its predecessor the Huntsman Regal, however, the operation is notably different. The rear bolt action block has been replaced with a side lever
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