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Airgun Review: The Daystate Pulsar
Airgun Review: The Daystate Pulsar
A Pulsar is a neutron star that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation; the radiation can be observed when that beam points directly to the Earth. Neutron stars, however, are very dense and have short regular rotational periods, they also produce very precise beam intervals between pulses that can range from milliseconds to seconds for each individual star. Certain types of Pulsars rival atomic clocks when it comes to accuracy of keeping time. I’ve long been fascinated with the wonders of the Universe, and space travel is something I’ll probably never experience. But, fortunately for me, in February of 2015 Daystate
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Upcoming Shooting Events in May
Upcoming Shooting Events in May
- BASC South East Ladies Day - Oxford Shooting School, 2nd May   - The Northern Shooting Show - Great Yorkshire Showground, 11th - 12th May   - The Countryside Clay Shoot - West Wycombe Estate, 25th May   - Northern Ireland Country Sports Fair, Scarvagh House, 25th - 26th May   - BASC Young Shot Day - Windsor Great Park, 29th May   BASC South East Ladies Day - Oxfordshire Shooting School, 2nd May     It’s no hidden secret that there’s a significant lack of ladies who are involved in shooting nowadays. There has been some clear progress in overall female numbers within the community - spotting a lady out in
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