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About gunstar

What do we do?



We provide the UK shooting community with an efficient and easy to use marketplace where traders and private sellers alike can advertise their firearms and related accessories to hundreds of thousands of highly engaged buyers. We cater to all tiers of the firearms trade industry with basic free advert options right the way up to premium dealer subscriptions, so there’s an option for everyone.


On top of this, Gunstar has built a strong presence within the community and we work alongside a handful of experts and organisations to provide our audience with useful news and advice content that aims to inform and educate those who need guidance from a trusted source.


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Gunstar was launched in 2008 solely as a classifieds marketplace. At the time this type of project was very new to the online world, but has since then grown at a lightning fast rate to become one of the most popular areas of the web. Gunstar has grown in parallel with this industry-wide progression and has been consistently recognised as one of the top marketplaces in its nice.

More than 10 years on, Gunstar is much more than a marketplace; it’s a community portal into the world of shooting. Our features have regularly updated and revolutionised; we offer a variety of useful tools to our users.


Website design in partnership with Spidersnet Firearms, A UK business directory, engaging blog articles and an events calendar are just a few of the handy tools we’ve incorporated into Gunstar over the years.

We continue to grow as an industry authority and we strive to promote shooting as an excellent opportunity for future generations.


The leading firearms marketplace in the UK


Gunstar is proud to be the No.1 buying and selling firearms platform in the UK, as proven by a number of different metrics:


- In the last 12 months Gunstar has recorded more than 6.3 million sessions to the site, ahead of our nearest competitors with 5.9 million.


- On average we get 528,000 visits to the Gunstar site every single month, meaning we consistently get more people looking at our adverts than anyone else - and we do this throughout every month of the calendar year.


- 836,000 people have searched for Gunstar since June 2018, another market-leading performance which proves that people are familiar with our brand and continue to come back to us by searching for our name - a perfect example of a happy customer!


- Gunstar possesses 32% of the market traffic share - that’s nearly a third of the entire industry population all in one place.


- You’ll find around 27,000 adverts live on site continuously, across more than 80 different categories. This includes everything from firearms and ammunition to clothing, accessories and gundogs. You’ll find far more than just a shotgun, airgun or rifle.


(All data is accurate as of May 2019)


Our Mission


We exist to cover the UK and Irish gun sellers market, and provide a sales platform to both the trade and manufacturers of guns, as well as private sellers, requiring a professionally presented tool when looking to advertise their guns and shooting accessories. It is our goal to strive for excellent coverage, completeness, accuracy, allied with a personal, friendly, fast service.


How does the site work?


Depending on whether you’re a buyer or a seller, your journey through the site can be slightly different. However, our own ethos remains exactly the same - we believe that each and every aspect of our model should be focused around you, the user. You should always be able to place and ad or enquire about one quicker and easier than anywhere else. To use the old cliche, it’s as easy as 1,2,3:


As a Buyer:


- Take your pick - Use our clear filtering system to narrow down 26,000 ads into one - Take your time!


- Make contact - A sellers contact information is very easy to find on the right-hand sidebar of at the bottom of any ad. You can speak directly with them to agree on a price and arrange your RFD to RFD transfer.


- Collection day - When the day comes, just head down to your Registered Firearms Dealer and sort out the logistics. Then you’re off and away, ready to have some fun with your firearm!


As a Seller:


- Create your ad - Fill in all the details you need to help your product sell, then choose one of our tiered package options, now your ad is live!


- Keep in contact with potential buyers - Don’t forget to regularly look out for messages from interested buyers who might be trying to get in touch with you.


- Finalise a sale - Once you’ve identified the most suitable buyer for your advert you can contact them directly to confirm the price and discuss the appropriate RFD’s to work through.


How we make money?


A successful business is only a success because the user and the brand share a mutual trust with each other. Of course we need to make sure that all of the buyers and sellers using our site can be trusted to act lawfully and abide by an etiquette, but at the same time we understand that our users want to know that we can be trusted too. We feel the best way to ensure this is by being as transparent and honest as we possibly can.


It’s not always clear how a classifieds site like Gunstar makes money, so here’s a little bit about where our income is generated.


- Allowing users to sponsor their listings

There are a number of ad categories and packages that give you the chance to upload an advert completely free of charge, but the most effective ads use one of our sponsored listing packages. You’ll have the opportunity to select a Bronze, Silver or Gold advert before you finalise everything. The higher the tier, the more capabilities you’ll get, such as increased duration, boosts to the top of a page, increased photo allowance etc. Obviously, each package is progressively higher in price.



Gunstar Ads Prices


- Banner advertising opportunities

You’ll probably notice that there a selection of banner advertisements that feature across our site, either in sidebars, headers or within listings pages themselves. They should always be related to your search in some way. We offer businesses and traders the opportunity to feature their brand in these banner advertisements to try and increase their exposure.



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Our Industry Partners


We’ve worked with a number of industry authorities to promote shooting as a sport, hobby and pastime. There are a number of organisations across the country who work really hard to raise the profile of ‘shooting for all’, and we’ve supported a number of these projects so that we too can use our platform as an awareness tool as well as a marketplace. Here are just a few of the big names we’ve had the pleasure of being involved with:



british shooting show logo       BASC Logo  british shooting



Values and Culture


We are very aware of the negative connotations shooting sports and population control have in the opinions of some people, which is why we at Gunstar do all we can to protect the industry from scams and illegal activity. Our internet support team work tirelessly with the help of intelligent moderation systems to help Gunstar stay free of potential scammers and products that may have been involved in arms trafficking.

We always abide by the UK Firearms Act 1968 and all of its successive amendments, to ensure that no prohibited weapons make it to our listings pages. No adverts are e posted live to our site until they’ve passed through several waves of moderation, both manually and automatically.