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Beretta Air Pistols for Sale

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Air guns are a very broad category that features a huge variety of guns for you to choose from. There are many different combinations of price, category and calibre air gun on offer, which are suited to basic hunting, target practice, and even extreme sports. Pistols, rifles and airsoft guns are the main options in this category, but then there are big choices in terms of ammunition calibre too - with 8 different categories depending on the purpose of your purchase. We’ve got over 6000 air guns on our site, so take some time, narrow down your search and pick your perfect model. Beretta is one of the oldest firearms manufacturers in Europe, founded by Pietro Beretta in 1526. The company has since grown to become a world leader in sporting and self-defence firearms. Beretta's current product line includes both pistols and shotguns under the brands Benelli, Browning, Uberti, Franchi, Stoeger Industries Inc., Tikka and Waffen Werks LLC. Models such as the 686 Silver Pigeon and Px4 Storm are some of the most famous firearms in history - you can browse these and many other models on our page below.
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Frequently asked questions
What is a spring air?
Spring air rifles are a type of air rifle that uses a spring-loaded piston to compress air in order to fire a projectile. The spring is released, propelling the piston forward, and the compressed air is forced through a nozzle, which propels the projectile out of the barrel. Spring air rifles are typically used for target shooting and plinking, but can also be used for small game hunting. Because they do not require any external source of power, spring air rifles are very quiet and can be used in areas where firearms are prohibited. However, spring air rifles can be difficult to cock and may require more maintenance than other types of air rifles.