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Most popular over & under shotguns UK

The over & under shotgun has grown astronomically in popularity since the turn of the century. It’s been firmly recognised as the shooter's choice above the more traditional side by side as they’ve proven to be more accurate and stable than the classic design. Over & unders are used for many types of shooting, from clay pigeon and target sports to driven game and wildfowling.


Below is a list of the most popular over & under shotguns available to buy in the UK right now, based on the most searched models in 2022 so far. These are the 5 models that shotgun buyers are looking for right now!


Beretta Silver Pigeon 1


Beretta Silver Pigeon 1


Available calibres: 12 Gauge, 20 Gauge, 28 Gauge and .410

Chokes: Optima HP Chokes (70 mm) or Mobil Chokes (50 mm)

Average price on Gunstar: £1,600


Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 for sale on Gunstar.


The Silver Pigeon is part of the 686 range from Beretta and might be the most popular over & under worldwide. If you ask any shotgun shooter to name a top model, the Silver Pigeon will be the first answer more often than not. It’s the perfect combination of performance and value - most high-end shotguns will easily cost you in excess of £2,000 but you’ll have no problem picking up one of these for less than £1,500. 


Beretta has finished off the 686 with excellent quality wood and perfectly detailed engraving to make this a really attractive shotgun. The all-new Silver Pigeon is fitted with updated Optima barrels and matching chokes that provide an exceptional pattern every time you shoot - no matter if you’re shooting lead, steel or something else.


The Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 is a shotgun you can pick up with confidence, every single time.


Beretta 682 Gold-E


Beretta 682 Gold E


Available calibres: 12 Gauge

Editions: Trap, Sporting or Skeet models

Chokes: Optima Trap, Optima Sporting & Optima Skeet

Average price on Gunstar: £1,450


Beretta 682 Gold E for sale on Gunstar.


Another Beretta comes in high on the list - the 682 E range of shotguns is designed specifically for the competitive shooter. The trap and skeet editions of the 682 are crafted for target competitions and have seen championship success at international level worldwide. One element of this shotgun that contributes to that massively is the configurable, adjustable stock. You can customise the drop and cast to suit your shooting style and increase the comfort of your shot, which is vital when you’re looking to score points. This isn’t the only adaptable element of the 682 Gold. Both the rib and the trigger can also be altered to shift point of impact and length of pull.


Each different edition of the 682 Gold E has contrasting chokes, barrel lengths and finished to best suit the event you’re shooting for. Bear in mind that you don’t have to be a competitive shooter to enjoy the 682 - it’s suitable for target shooters at any level and with an average price of £1450, you can’t go wrong!


Browning B25 B2G


Browning B25 B2G


Available calibres: 12 Gauge, 16 Gauge, 20 Gauge & 28 Gauge

Editions: Game, Sporting & Skeet models

Average price on Gunstar: £5,000


Browning B25 B2G for sale on Gunstar


The B25 is a classic in the world of game shooting and one of the first over and under shotgun models made by Browning. Browning began to move a lot of its production line over to Japan in the 70s to make things more efficient and cost-effective. Many recent models have been solely produced in Japan by Miroku, but the B25 is one that’s still considered a ‘true Browning’ due to its Belgian heritage.


The B2G edition is a skeet gun so would be traditionally used to break clays, but is still just as effective when shooting game (as the excellent engravings on the action would suggest). A B25 will usually have beautiful checkering and engravings as the standards for hand-built Brownings are always very high. The skeet edition will have 27.5 inch barrels and is available in both 12 and 20 gauge calibres.


There are some stunning Browning B25s for sale on Gunstar featuring basic models through to custom designed editions of the highest grade. 


Miroku 7000 SP-1


miroku 7000 SP-1


Available calibres: 12 Gauge

Edition: Sporter

Average price on Gunstar: £800


Miroku 7000 SP-1 Shotguns for sale on Gunstar


This next shotgun is one of Miroku’s own and made in the same factory as the current Browning range. The 7000 SP-1 is a standard modern multichoke sporter that you can get your hands on for an incredibly cheap price. Don’t let the price fool you, however. There’s a good reason that Browning has trusted Miroku to re-produce its shotguns for 50 years now - Miroku has been able to build shotguns that operate and perform to the same level as a classic Browning, but for a fraction of the price. Therefore buying yourself a Miroku shotgun almost feels like you’re cheating the system a bit…


The Miroku MK70 that you might see more commonly on the market today, is essentially a refreshed and updated version of the classic 7000. If you struggle to find yourself the perfect 7000 then an MK70 will give you very similar results. The 7000 Sporter is the perfect gun for nearly all clay disciplines (perhaps not Trap shooting) and will even perform pretty nicely as a field gun too.


Follow the link above the description to check out some perfect Miroku 7000 SP-1 models for sale on our site!


Mossberg 590 Mariner


mossberg 590 mariner shotgun


Available calibres: 12 Gauge

Edition: Tactical Marinecote

Average price on Gunstar: £725


Mossberg 590 Mariner Shotguns for sale on Gunstar


Okay, technically not an over & under but we had to squeeze it onto the list (I mean it does have two stacked barrels, right?). The last shotgun on the list is something a little different - a tactical pump-action shotgun built in the USA. Mossberg has been in business for just over 100 years now and is probably the most renowned manufacturer of tactical shotguns worldwide. Its 590 series has been industry approved for decades and is the tactical shotgun of choice for a number of military and enforcement divisions across multiple nations. 


The 590 ‘Mariner’ edition has an impressive 9-shot capacity (8+1) and comes in 12 gauge as standard. The ‘Marinecote’ barrel finish gives it its name, which is designed to protect the shotgun from corrosive elements such as saltwater. For less than £750 even when brand new the 590 is ridiculously good value, although finding one on the UK market is a bit of a challenge…




So there you have a list of the five most popular shotgun models of 2022, as searched for by thousands of Gunstar users. A mixture of classics, remakes and modern alternatives, there’s something for everyone here with average prices ranging from £750 right up to £5,000. 

If you want to go your own way and explore a wider range of options for yourself, we’ve got over 4,500 shotguns for sale here on Gunstar!