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£ 295 British No.68 AT (Anti Tank) Grenade. British No.68 AT (Anti Tank) Grenade. Antiques & Militaria
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British No.68 AT (Anti Tank) Grenade. British No.68 AT (Anti Tank) Grenade. Antiques & Militaria

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Cheshire, North WestUpdated 8 years ago
Sale typeTrade
Manufactured Year1942
MakeBritish No.68 AT (Anti Tank) Grenade.
ModelBritish No.68 AT (Anti Tank) Grenade.
Your reference12142
Recommended UsageCollection item
ManufacturerBritish No.68 AT (Anti Tank) Grenade.
Seller TypeTrade
Your Reference Number12142
Manufactured Year1942

INERT, WW2 1942 Dated British No.68 AT (Anti Tank) Grenade. Sn 12142 - 12142

The Grenade, Rifle No. 68 /AT was a British anti-tank rifle grenade used during WW2.The No. 68 was an early form of shaped charge grenade, and has some claim to have been the first High Explosive, Anti Tank (HEAT) device in use. The design of the warhead was simple and was capable of penetrating 52mm (2 inches) of armour in 1940. The fuze of the grenade was armed by removing a pin in the tail which prevented the firing pin from flying forward. The grenade was launched from a rifle cup. The simple fins gave it some stability in the air and, provided the grenade hit the target at the proper angle (90 degrees), the charge would be effective. Detonation occurred on impact, when a striker in the tail of the grenade overcame the resistance of a creep spring and was thrown forward into a stab detonator. This is an original, inert, British WW2 service pattern No. 68 MK IIII AT grenade. It also has a small ‘DCS’ mark. The body has traces of its original yellow paint . Its body is hollow and its screw off cap reveals its original inner charge cover. Its integral fins are secure and straight. The body of the grenade is crisply marked No.68 AT IIII and dated 1942. Inset in image 2 a contemporary photograph shows a member of the Home Guard with a rifle equipped to fire an anti-tank grenade at Dorking, 3 August 1942. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 12142


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