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Air Guns
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£ 195
Baikal Makarov Black Grip 4.5mm (BB)
Crawley Surplus Store
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£ 195

Baikal Makarov Black Grip 4.5mm (BB)

ad ref. GS049D0F1
Air GunsCondition New
£ 195Trade
BaikalMechanism Co2
4.5mm (BB)Makarov Black Grip

Using parts from the real steel Makarov, this has to be the most realistic air pistol I have ever seen! This fires at 3 Joules in power, has a 13 shot magazine with a thumb safety/decocker mounted on the slide. This also has a rifled barrel so using lead BBs is a must! (Using copper/steel BBs will kill the barrel!).

This has a single & double action trigger, you can either manually cock the trigger or use the top slide to cock it, just be aware the recoil spring is from the real steel so is incredibly strong! (it gives you a fantastic real steal feel when cocking with the slide). This is not a blow back pistol.

Only Gen 4 in stock at the moment

Don't forget to order your Co2 capsules and Lead BB's with this product.

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CategoryAir Guns
Price£ 195
Sale typeTrade
Crawley Surplus Store
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