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AirMaks Arms at The British Shooting Show

AirMaks Arms was one of the most difficult companies to pin down for an interview at The British Shooting Show, but somehow we managed, and we couldn’t be more grateful! Getting a look (and a test) of their new Krait Lite was a huge highlight of our trip. Here’s the transcript of our interview with Chris, owner of CDR Guns, who imports and distributes AirMaks Arms products throughout the UK:


Q: What are you excited to showcase for the British Shooting Show 2024?


A: So, we are very excited to be bringing out the Lite, which has finally gone back on its stand. It’s spent most of the time off of it. So, we've got two types of stock on here; we've got the Type 2 and Type 1 which has got the adjustable on it, which is fantastic! It's very similar to the original flagship Krait in the ergonomics and handling, but we've got a lighter price tag in exchange for not having the adjustable regulator, and it comes as standard with a lovely walnut stock.



Q: What has the feedback been like so far?


A: Well, it hasn't spent much time on the stand, so I'm gonna say very positive! We're very happy. We're also sneaking a peek through of our Katran N, which was gonna be announced at IWA next week, but we've been able to sneak the parts over and that's gonna be more of the PRS style shooting. I’m very excited to see that because I had a go at that in December. Fantastic discipline. I think that it's gonna take the UK by storm.



Q: What else is there to look forward to in 2024?


A: I haven't picked their brains yet to find out what else is coming out. This was a bit of a surprise to me. I only found out about this (Katran N) a very short time ago myself. This (Katran N) is gonna be very exciting! I'm gonna represent AirMaks at the RMAC over in the US later in the year. So, very exciting times for me and just see how things go, cause we got the new rifle that's just come out. We've got this one that's about to come out and I know that there are more exciting things on the books.


A busy man and a busy company. We wish them all the best with their new products and hopefully, we’ll be able to have a test of that new Katran N the next time we meet!