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Rifles | The most popular makes and models of the year

When you’re looking to buy a new or used rifle, you want to buy with confidence. One of the best ways of doing that is to look at what’s popular or what other rifle buyers are currently looking at. You can guarantee that if the rest of the population are interested in something it’s probably for a good reason. We’ve looked into the most searched, most viewed rifle makes and models on our site over the course of 2021, giving you a ‘Top 5’ ranking to help you choose your next rifle…


top 5 makes and models list


Top Makes


  1. Lee Enfield - Lee Enfield comes in at the top of your list, probably due to the historical significance and the rarity of its’ bolt-action rifles. It’s a bit of a debate as to whether Lee Enfield is actually a recognised make/manufacturer as the term is most famous for a specific model - the Lee Enfield MK1 bolt-action rifle. But there were various new editions of the rifle through to the late ‘50s (such as the No.4 and No.5) which means we can probably classify Lee Enfield as a manufacturer. The famous name comes from a combination of the man who designed the working mechanism on the rifle (James Paris Lee) and the production warehouse where it was made (RSAF Enfield).


  1. Browning - Every shooter is very familiar with the Browning name and it’s not a surprise to see it feature as the second most viewed rifle make of the past 12 months. We have over 250 Brownings for sale here on Gunstar, including popular rifle models like the T-Bolt and BL22. Browning is easily one of the best in the game for providing affordable quality at every level; catering for shooters of all abilities and incomes.


  1. Accuracy International - One of the younger rifle manufacturers in production, accuracy international is a British company that has been crafting high-power, high-accuracy models for just less than 50 years. Featuring third on our list shows just how quickly they’ve managed to shoot to the top of the game. They gained such big respect for the quality of their rifles that they’re now used by many of the world’s most powerful military and police forces, including the UK Metropolitan Police and the U.S Army.


accuracy international sniper rifles


  1. Winchester - From one of the newest straight to one of the oldest; The Winchester Repeating Arms Company started their production more than 150 years ago in 1866! Winchester sadly ceased its production of rifles in 2006, but their iconic guns are still found for sale in abundance on Gunstar and they’re slowly becoming highly sought after collector’s pieces. The famous 1886 Lever Action can be sold for a small fortune nowadays…


  1. Mauser - Germany has been a breeding ground for successful arms companies ever since they were invented - Mauser is one of those that have stood the test of time. Although Mauser has many reliable classics, its newer rifle models such as the M18 or M96 are just as prolific and very affordable. A bolt-action rifle from Mauser is a very versatile model, usually coming in a .308 or 7.92 mm calibre, making them perfect for anything from target shooting through to deerstalking.


Top Models


  1. Ruger 10-22 - A brilliant semi-auto in .22 calibre, you can pick up a 10/22 for anything between £200-£1,000 depending on the features/customisation you’re after. We’ve got a generous number of Ruger 10/22’s for sale on Gunstar - some even come with rifle scopes and extended magazines included!


  1. Remington 700 - Whenever anyone makes a list of the ‘best hunting rifles’ or the ‘most popular bolt-action rifles’, the Remington 700 is a constant feature. Powerful enough for a deer stalk, lightweight enough for a driven game shoot - the 700 is a near-flawless piece of work. Remington has produced many different upgraded/updated editions of the original 700, all designed for different shooting types and different environments. You can see most of them for sale here on Gunstar.


remington 700 rifle


  1. Tikka T3x - There are 27 different models of the Tikka T3x, built for the hunter in any situation. Tikka guarantee you supreme accuracy of 1 Minute of Angle (MOA) for whatever T3x edition you opt for - that’s a pretty mean feat! Whether you need a tactical, a sporter or a hunter, there’s a T3x for everyone on Gunstar…


  1. Mauser K98 - The Karabiner 98 is one of the most iconic rifles ever made and Mauser can proudly say it was where this legend was born. As the name suggests, the Kar98k concept was first produced in 1898 although this ‘Model 98’ was something of a work in progress compared to the K98 we see in production today. You can pick up a Mauser K98 for sale on Gunstar at a very reasonable price, in a selection of different calibres…

5. Browning BLR - This probably isn’t the rifle from Browning that you’d expect to see featured here - but it clearly caught the attention of many buyers in 2021. The BLR is quite a unique rifle that probably makes interesting viewing for any rifle enthusiast. It reloads with a lever-action mechanism as well as a detachable box magazine; two quite rare components to find on a modern rifle. The BLR packs a punch and is a great hunting rifle in any calibre from 223 Rem all the way up to 450 Mar.