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Shotgun, airgun or rifle - which gun should you buy?

It’s a very common dilemma that every keen shooter is faced with, from the beginner looking for their very first firearm, right the way to the regular expert looking to re-motivate themselves with a new challenge. It’s hard to know where to go next and with such a huge range of choices on the market, sometimes it’s not clear how to separate one gun from the next. Often, you’ll be looking at a plethora of similarly priced firearms that are also equal in performance. In this case, it’s just a matter of choosing your favourite - which is pretty impossible, right? Well, we’re here to help make that choice a little easier - by making it for you!


Gunstar’s ‘Which Gun Should You Buy?’ quizzes are split into shotgun, airgun and rifle categories that aim to pick a firearm which suits your preferences, based on the answers you give us. You’ll then have the opportunity to go straight to that gun on the search results, where you can find the best price and make the purchase!


Of course, your answer is only a suggestion, but it may just help you try something a little different, that perhaps wasn’t in your considerations in the first place.  Now all you have to do is work out what type of gun you want next - shotgun, airgun or rifle…


- Shotgun

- Rifle

- Airgun



Which Shotgun Should You Buy?


which shotgun should you buy?


Perfect for moving aerial targets such as clay pigeons or low-flying birds, as well as close-range pest control. Shotguns are powerful and have a good spread, but are less accurate than a rifle. Often quite expensive, but crafted with expert detail usually coming with some very elegantly engraved decals to add a touch of class. Most shooters will have a preference between either the more traditional side by side or the modern over and under designs - the majority of participants today opt for the newer over and under style which is far more accurate when shooting targets.


You’ll still be able to find some shotguns at very good value by choosing the low price bracket on our shotgun selector. Find out what your next shotgun could be below:



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Which Rifle Should You Buy?


which rifle should you buy?


The rifle is usually a long barreled, single-shot gun that’s more stable and more precise than a shotgun, but less powerful and harder to hit a target with. Generally used for hunting game both small and large in size, particularly those that are hard to get close to, therefore having to execute a shot from distance. Rifles come in a far larger variety of designs and technologies nowadays - with semi-automatic and tactical options also available alongside many others. Usually, rifles are quite affordable as long as you’re willing to go second hand.


Work your way through our rifle form to get a great value suggestion tailored completely to your needs. The value of rifles fluctuates massively as there are so many variations to choose from, so make sure you’ve considered more than one option!



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Which Airgun Should You Buy?


which airgun should you buy?


These cheaper, less powerful firearms use compressed air or gas to propel much smaller pellets out of the barrel. Used as more of a recreational gun, the airgun is perfect for target practice and casual ‘plinking’ but is also capable of taking down smaller mammals such as rabbit. These guns are a great introduction to shooting for beginners or less confident individuals who just want to get to grips with things in a casual environment. That’s not to say they can’t be enjoyed if you’re more of a veteran though; the airgun provides ultimate fun for all ages and abilities without breaking the bank.


Take the test and get an airgun recommended specifically to you, so you can get on with having a load of fun!



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