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The best .177 airgun pellets UK

Whether you're a seasoned airgun shooter or just starting out, it's important to use the best pellets for your rifles and pistols. In this guide, we'll take a look at the top 5 .177 calibre pellets available in the UK. We'll explore some of the factors that you should consider when choosing pellets, such as weight and speed and also discuss what makes each type of pellet unique, so you can choose the right one for your needs…


We’ll start with the slightly smaller .177 calibre pellets that have become the shooters choice when it comes to using airguns below the 12ft/lbs threshold:


QYS Pointed Competition Grade Pellets .177


QYS Pointed Match Grade


Head Size: 4.5 mm

Pellet Weight: 8.48gr

Muzzle Velocity: 752 ft/s

Price: 500 pellets for £13.49


The most accurate pointed pellet on sale! The QYS Pointed is a high-quality hunting pellet that has been designed for maximum penetration and accuracy. It’s made of competition-grade material and is therefore ideal for those who want the best performance from their pellets. The pointed tip ensures that it penetrates deep into the target, making it perfect for taking down small game. Thanks to its outstanding accuracy, this pellet is also great for plinking and target practice. So if you're looking for a hunting pellet that offers superior performance, then the QYS Pointed is definitely worth taking a closer look at.


JSB Match Diabolo Exact .177


JSB Match Diabolo Exact


Head Size: 4.52 mm

Pellet Weight: 8.44gr

Muzzle Velocity: 787 ft/s

Price: 500 pellets for £13.50


JSB Match Diabolo Exact .177 is a high-quality ammunition designed to provide the best possible performance in air rifles. The weight and profile have been specifically tailored to work with most FT air rifles on the market, providing stable flying properties and perfect grouping. With a muzzle velocity of 240 m/s when fired from an airgun with 16J of power, this ammo is perfect for any avid shooter looking for precision and accuracy.


BSA Fury Domed Pellets .177


BSA Fury Domed .177 Pellets


Head Size: 4.5 mm

Pellet Weight: 8.17gr

Price: 450 pellets for £8.88


BSA's Domed Fury Pellets are a classic roundhead design that has been time-proven and perfect for all-round use. These pellets are ideal for spring piston and precharged pneumatic (PCP) airguns and can handle anything from informal plinking sessions to full-on hunting action. They are versatile, affordable, and extremely reliable. These pellets are considerably cheaper than the two previous options listed above - making them ideal for stocking up and shooting casually.


As any air gunner will know, BSA is one of the most trusted and successful manufacturers in UK and worldwide - so you can purchase BSA pellets with the utmost confidence that you'll be getting quality and value for money.


RWS Super Field .177


RWS Super Field


Head Size: 4.51 mm

Pellet Weight: 8.44gr

Muzzle Velocity: 742 ft/s

Price: 500 pellets for £7.49


These were once some of the most expensive pellets available to buy, but you can now pick them up for an astonishing price with the right research! 

The RWS Super Field .177 pellets are designed to give you the best performance in the field, particularly in HFT and FT disciplines. Many would be put off by their abnormal head design, but if you match them up with the right barrel you'll see some exceptional performance.


Air Arms Diabolo Field .177


Air Arms Diabolo Field


Head Size: 4.52 mm

Pellet Weight: 8.44gr

Price: 500 pellets for £13.49


Looking for a pellet that can offer consistent and accurate shooting? Look no further than the Air Arms Diabolo Field. This pellet is voted a fan favourite on numerous online superstores, which is the only approval you'll need to put them in your basket.

Strict controls are in place during production to ensure that these pellets meet the highest standards, giving you the confidence you need to make that perfect shot. Hunters love the Diabolo Field for its all-round performance, and it makes a great choice for any shooter looking for exceptional results. Give the Air Arms Diabolo Field a try and see for yourself just how good it can be.